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Attention! I want to place CTK saddles in retail stores. Brick and mortar stores will receive wholesale pricing. No minimum order. Mix colors, styles and seat sizes. Call me at 786-870-2420 for details.

Sycamore Creek Saddles, Inc: Exclusive U.S. Sales Representative for CTK Saddlery: offering handmade Colombian Paso Fino saddles, jaquimas, pads, bits and accessories for your Paso Fino or other naturally gaited horse. Gaited horse saddles are made differently from saddles for trotting horses. The tree does not have a twist in it. (When I refer to "twist", I am talking about the tree, not the "waist" of the saddle.) VIEW THIS 6 MINUTE VIDEO!. It's probably the most important piece of the puzzle for you to find. Larry Whitesell's discovery is truly an eye opener.

We have sold thousands of saddles and have thousands of satisfied customers. And it just gets better as the months go by. We have many styles of saddles available. Our expertise is in making saddles for the Paso Fino breed, but our saddles can work for most gaited horses that have similar backs as a Paso. We can also make a saddle for your other Gaited Horse breeds, Foxtrotter, Gaited Morgan, Tennessee Walking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Kentucky Mountain, get the picture. Take a look! If you don't see the one you like, we'll work with you to make the saddle you envision.

Our Paso Fino saddles are affordable. We use quality, Colombian leather/materials. Each saddle is hand made to your wishes. CTK Saddlery makes the saddles the traditional way, using wood for the tree, wrapping it in rawhide and sun curing it for a long time until it is hard as a rock. All the leather is hand sewn with hemp and rot resistant nylon. Our desire is to make a saddle you will be proud to own. After all, you will be our BEST advertisement! So, give me a call at 786-870-2420 or email me at and let's start that conversation to get you the saddle you want.—junio




Sycamore Creek Saddles, Inc
Is the exclusive Sales representive for
CTK Saddlery, Bogota, Colombia.

Some people have asked me do we make gun holsters. We do not. But here is a great company that does. Click the logo to see their website:

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